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Male Masturbation/Physical prob due to prone mastrubation (i guess)


QUESTION: I don't usually masturbate in prone position, i do it very rarely. 6 months back when i did, i applied too much pressure against my bed, and i started to have problems in my erection after that incident. The First thing i noticed after the incident was deflated glans and weak erections. I went to a doctor, he gave me vitamin pills, two pills a day. I felt like i was getting better after a week. After a week, i accidentally did prone masturbation again when i had my early morning erection, i had a painful ejaculation. After half an hour, my penis shaft went numb, shaft became hard even when it's in flaccid state and Now I cant lift my penis without my hand. My body feels like its too heavy to lift the penis, i tried hard to lift it by contracting my anus, but still i cant. I get my morning erection rarely, but still the quality of the erection is really weak. If I try to stand after getting an erection, i lose my erection within 10-15 seconds.

I fear that i made some permanent damage in my penis. Pls help me out in this problem. Please reply as soon as possible, i'm willing to take up scans, tests, or even surgeries if necessary.

ANSWER: Prone masturbation -- lying on your stomach and thrusting your penis into or against something -- causes sexual dysfunctions in most males who practice it.  If you don't usually masturbate prone, then you should have no problem deciding to never masturbate prone.

Just keep masturbating conventionally (with your hand) and try to use as little force as necessary.  To learn more about prone masturbation, see

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QUESTION: Thank you for your time, Now I have weak erections, deflated glans, no feeling in shaft region and can't lift my penis without using my hands.. Some times the shaft region is hard even when penis is not erect.. I have this for the past 6 months..What should I do now ? Is it a prob I should worry abt ? If I would get better how many months would it take..?

ANSWER: Take the advice I said earlier and give up prone masturbation forever.  If you think you're still having erection issues, see if you can get a referral to a urologist, who might use technology and expertise to evaluate your erections.  Only a doctor can do that.

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QUESTION: Yes, i completely stopped prone masturbation. I went to a urologist, he said to undergo a color Doppler scan, seeing the result he said there is no problem he could see of. He also said i have some sort of physical injury inside and he thinks i have plague formation in my shaft and that made it feel hard and insensitive. He prescribed me Cialis 10mg once in 3 days for month and vitamin tablet every night. Its been 20 days since i started my medication. The erection which i get is totally numb, like i had to touch it to feel my erection. The erection is not spontaneous. I feel my corpus spongiosum is not working at all. My glans is still soft and still i cant lift my penis without using my hand. Pls help...

Continue to follow the doctor's advice and stick with the pill.  Let him know about your lack of sensitivity in your penis.  Be glad you stopped prone masturbation.  Enjoy what you can do with your penis, and hope that sensitivity returns as you get farther away from having masturbated prone.

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