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Male Masturbation/Kissing from a Female Friend


My female friend sleptover at my house one night.  At midnight, she turned her face very close to me and started kissing me, her hands moved around my body. We didn't really have sex, just only kissing. I can tell the feeling is very strong from her. I'm straight and I dont like girls, but I dont know why I let her do that to me. I couldnt controll my mind. Am I a lesbian now? I dont know what is wrong with me. Feeling so ashame.
P.s:Im 24 years old and never have sex before.

I doubt you are a lesbian.  You might have just been curious or wanted to feel close to your friend.  Interestingly, I don't associate sleepovers with people your age.  Your question would make more sense to me if you were half your age.  Tell your friend what the boundaries are the next time you're together.

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