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I asked you a follow up question that you find not answer. You can tell me if you don't know the answer, but  I would like a descriptive details on how to stimulate the male g spot. I didnt really understand your last directions so correct me if I'm a right or wrong with this sceanrio:

I have my dick lubed up and I am not stroking the head of it but the area where the thick vein or whatever it is is at. Would I just massage it or stroke it?

I would love if you could provide with descriptive directions.

Again you can tell me if you don't know how to stimulate it.

Thank you.

The whole penis is pretty sensitive but the spot just below the head on the underside is the most sensitive part.  The coronal ridge (the outer rim of the glans) is also very sensitive.  Most males fix it so they spend a lot of time and effort working on these two spots.  A quick stroking motion is apt to do more for you than an intense massage.

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