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QUESTION: I have heard about the male g spot. Could you do a step by step got me so I can have a mind blowing orgasm? Will I have to finger myself? Can I shoot a load without touch myself when I find my male g spot?

ANSWER: The Male G spot is on the underside of the penis, just below the head.  I'm surprised you haven't already found it.  If you stroke that spot just at the point of orgasm, it will help you ejaculate longer.  You don't have to touch yourself with your hand; it is very exciting when you learn to stimulate your G spot when you're inside your partner.

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QUESTION: It sounds like I discovered the Male G Spot when I was 14. So when I'm using lube and I'm stroking just the head of my dick that's where I'm stimulating it? I read online that it was between the balls and the anus, that's why I asked if I could cum without jacking off. What are the steps you would suggest in the male g spot, just for clarification.

You won't encounter the G spot necessarily stroking only the head (glans) of your penis.  The G spot is below the glans, rather just below the cleft on your glans on the underside of it.  It often means a more intense or longer orgasm if a male or his partner can work that spot right around the time of orgasm.

The perineum -- the area between the scrotum and anus -- is also a sensitive spot for many males, but it is not as associated with being an orgasm trigger as the G spot.

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