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QUESTION: hello sir

I m suffering a problem during my masturbation , when the semen ejaculated , my penis was still erecting , I m feeling that I want to ejaculate more , on other hand , I m feeling erotic all my day time without my penis erection , also I feel with tickles on my urethra which stimulating me to make masturbation many times a day

1- please let me know why that happening ?

2- how can I overcome it and avoid it ?

noticed that I m male , 30 YRS OLD , SINGLE , please feel free to ask me any question regarding my case to give the suitable diagnosis

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Most males your age who aren't sexually active masturbate about once a day.  They are satisfied by that and don't want to masturbate again immediately afterward.  If you are frequently feeling like you need more, then perhaps you are not ejaculating completely.  You don't need to masturbate every time you feel a tickle in your urethra.  Perhaps you just need to drink more water and urinate more often.

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QUESTION: but I have and suffering from  prostatitis ( microbes and bacteria in prostate gland) also a problem on my testicles is that may be a cause of mentioned erotic feeling , tickles and desire of masturbate all of the time also not ejaculate all the semen ?


If you really have bacterial prostatitis, then you need help from a doctor.  Follow the doctor's instructions, and ask the doctor how often you should ejaculate while you are being treated.  Don't be embarrassed to tell the doctor that you masturbate.  The doctor masturbates too.

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