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Male Masturbation/Could my testes be traumatized?


Hello Doug Adams,

I am concerned because earlier in life I could get erections quite easily.  I don't know if masturbation has caused damage, or something else is the issue?

When I was 25, I went into the doctor's and he did the "cough" test.  He said I had some sort of hernia on one side of where my testes are.  I've had a habit of masturbating 1-4 times a day since, by thrusting an object.  I've heard that some men simple rub themselves, but that has never in my life got me to ejaculate, so I have always thrust.

In the last couple of months I have had quite a bit of difficulty getting an erection from stroking myself, although when I wake up in the morning I often have one.  I have to really really focus mentally to get an erection, and even then it'll go away quite quickly.  Even with thrusting harder objects lately, I've felt quite desensitized.  I'm worried because thrusting a pillow or bed won't get me to ejaculate anymore, I have to use hard or very firm surfaces.  I find the ground to be difficult as well.  Often it has to be the corner of the seat of a chair, which sometimes hurts!  I'm worried I may pop something!  I can thrust to ejaculate, but there will be no erection!

My testes have been hurting, especially when driving a car lately, so I don't know if I've caused trauma to them somehow?  Or, if that hernia discovered 8 years ago would do anything, or not really?  I was thinking of going like 3 months without thrusting to possibly let anything heal, but I have discovered I don't have enough self-control for that.

I'm not sure what to do to get function back?

I heard a vibrator can work on a penis, not just on women, and I was thinking that can give me a break from thrusting for maybe a few months.  However, I want to verify that they actually work on men as well, before I buy one?  I also heard that using a penis pump helps to get blood flow back to the penis, but I'm not sure if those do anything to help, or not really?

Thank you for your time!

You describe masturbating prone, which is a cause of sexual dysfunctions in most males who practice it.  The cure for overcoming prone masturbation is to give it up and learn to masturbate the usual way, by stroking up and down the penis with one hand.  You can learn more about prone masturbation and the problems it causes at

You also report a high frequency of masturbation.  I hope by 1-4 times a day, you mean you usually masturbate once a day and occasionally do it more often.  A high or irregular frequency of masturbating can cause prostatodynia, or unusual pain in the prostate gland.  This pain can radiate outward and seem to be coming from the testes.  Most males with prostatodynia are ejaculating too often.  The pain can be made to go away through a series of steps, the most important of which is reducing ejaculatory frequency to about 3 times a week until the pain ebbs.  More here:

I don't think a vibrator will help you. I suggest working on learning conventional masturbation first; then reducing your frequency.

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