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Male Masturbation/ED after prone mastrubation


I masturbated in prone position only once, and that led me to ED. When i masturbated in prone position i applied too much pressure against the bed. Immediately following that incident i started feeling difference in my erection quality. I feel like the erection quality is going down day by day.

- I cant get spontaneous erection

- My corpus spongiosum and glans are always soft (My physician advised to use cialis, at times corpus cavernosum alone gets erect, and erection goes away real soon,  max 15 seconds).

- I tried contracting my anus when i have erection, i can feel my corpus cavernosum getting filled with blood, but not the glans and corpus spongiosum.

- I cant lift my penis even if i contract my anus, but i can see my testicles move up. I cant lift even when i have an erection  (I dont think i have problem with Suspensory ligament)

- If i try to contract my anus, i feel like something is leaking inside (somewhere near the base of the penis)

I feel like these are possible symptoms for venous leakage. Pls guide me.

Prone masturbation is bad for you, but doing it only once won't cause the problems you describe.  Only a doctor can diagnose venous leak.  Work at masturbating with the gentle touch of one hand, and decide to never masturbate prone again.  To learn more, see

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