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Male Masturbation/Boyfriend masturbates too much


QUESTION: My boyfriend masturbates all the time.  Last night, we were in my dorm room and was making out and he just pulls it out and started jacking himself off.  So I proceed and undress and we have sex.  After we had sex twice.  And I gave him head, he still jacked off.  We have a sex about 4-6 times a week and I give him head 6-10 times a week.  Why does he still masturbate?  I'm I not doing enough for him?

ANSWER: Don't worry that you are the problem.  You are not.  Masturbation is not merely an alternative to sex for males.  It is a different form of stimulation.  Many males still want to masturbate even when they are having sex.  You seem to be having an extreme amount of sex, so your boyfriend probably has a high sex drive.  It is not at all unusual that someone with a high sex drive masturbates often in addition to having intercourse.

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QUESTION: Well since school has started back.  We don't have that much sex as we use to but we do make time to have sex when we can.  He has a new room mate and he is very religious and doesn't like it when I'm over and things start to get hot and heavy.  So what I've done was to come by and wake my boyfriend up after his room mate leaves for class.  I slip in and give him a morning wake up blowjob or morning hide the sausage and/or a quick handjob in the shower.  We have lunch together and have a little finger play and handjob/blowjob in the car or in my dorm room.  This morning, he got up early and met me at my car and sent me a text to come meet him.  It was 3:30 in the morning, I met him and we had sex twice.  And when I normally would be going to his dorm, he was at mine.  We had sex again plus he pleasured me too.  At lunch, I was studying in my room when he came over and we had sex again but this time, we were 69ing each other.  After we enjoyed ourselves during my lunch/ study time, we sat on my bed and I let him explore me with his cock again.  To count for today, we've had sex 4 times so far and he just sent me a text saying that he is jacking off to the scent of my used panties I left in his room.  I told him, to save his cum for later.  I told him I wanted him to fill me with his cum later tonight.  How much cum do guys make in a day?

ANSWER: Males easily produce a teaspoon or more of semen per day.  Your boyfriend should assert that the dorm room is his too and the new roommate doesn't get to ban you from it; the roommate should leave when you are going to have sex.

To learn more about getting along with roommates over sexual issues, see

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QUESTION: His old roommate moved out.  He doesn't have a roommate now.  So, we are enjoying every minute of it.  Walking around naked and having tons of sex all over the place.  The way their room is set is that they share the bedroom.  My roommate doesn't mind when my boyfriend comes over.  She loves watching naked horny guys walk around our room.  Ok so since Monday night, we've had tons of sex at his place and a little at my place.  Last night, my roommate was watching us have sex and I told him and that just got him even more excited.  Instead of us under the covers, he threw the covers onto the floor.  He put on a show for her.  He spent the night and of course he woke up with morning wood and I took care of it for him.  He kept cumming and cumming and cumming.  His cum filled my vagina up and it went down my butt crack but he was kind enough to pinch off his head and stop cumming in my vagina.  He brought his hardon to my mouth and I finished him off.  After he was done cumming in my mouth and I swallowed it.  He gave me the biggest kiss ever.  He got up and grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned me up.  After he cleaned me up, he gave me oral.  My roommate woke up to him giving me oral.  She told me later that she woke up to him going down on me and seeing him with a big hardon while he was going down on me.  We just finished having 69 twice at his place during our lunch break.  I swear if he doesn't finish being a doctor he will be a perfect porn star.  He always has a hardon.  Why do he always have a hardon around me and after we have oral or vaginal sex?

Men in that age range are often erect.  At least 20 minutes out of every 90 or 120.  You just seem to keep having that effect on him so he comes back for more.  Be careful, or your roommate is going to want some too.  (Find out for me if she's single and likes older men!)

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