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I wanted to get your opinion on something regarding masturbation. Is it true that there are masturbation sessions that are so powerful that it can have a trance-like effect on a person both during a session and immediately after orgasm? From personal experience I can say that masturbation has been like that recently but especially when I was younger but, like I said, I wanted a second opinion about how strong masturbation can get for a person. Also, is there a scale somewhere that measures the strength of masturbation sessions from one to five with one being the weakest and five being the strongest? And, if it is indeed true that really powerful masturbation sessions can have a trance-like effect on a person then it would really help explain why I've had masturbation sessions that I'd remember for months and even years afterwards.

Masturbation can often make a person very relaxed, and most males masturbate at bedtime to help themselves go to sleep. The trance-like state you're describing is similar, only the person remains awake and does not go to sleep.

Masturbation is not the principal cause of such a trance-like state; rather, the individual has learned self-hypnosis to the point where they can do that, and masturbation can help them.  You might want to study some self-hypnosis to learn more.

You can rate your masturbation sessions 1-5 or on any other scale you want to.  There are no objective criteria for determining what is a 1 or a 5 or an A or an F.  Some sessions are simply more memorable than others, and it is probably not a trance-like state that makes them more or less memorable.

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