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QUESTION: When I masturbate and gets ejaculated, my desire for more orgasm ends and I don't wish to continue it while my friends say they ejaculate twice or thrice when they masturbate. Is this normal for me? What can I do to increase my time in bed as I ejaculate within 2 minutes of starting masturbation ?

ANSWER: Unless your friends are female, I think you're misunderstanding something.  When a male ejaculates, he's finished masturbating, at least for a while.  Some males can have multiple orgasms, but they only ejaculate once per session.  Just work at taking a little longer every week.  This week try to last 2:10, then next week go for 2:20, and so on.

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QUESTION: I heard some medicines like Shilajeet helps to increase ejaculation time and erection. Is this true ? If used what should be the dosage ?

I don't know anything about herbal potions.  I believe in Western medicine.  I think you are better off following the advice I gave you in your first message about stretching out your sessions a little bit at a time, or from week to week.  That's how most men work at lasting longer, not by an herbal potion.

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