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Dear reader,

I really want an answer for my question. I'm sorry if my English isn't the best, im not a native speaker. (And also currently very tired).

I have mastrubated prone for about 8 years, but i recently decided i was going to quit. (Because of my new girlfriend, i obviously cannot have sex with her right now because i can't maintain a good strong erection.

I had an abstaint period of about 1.5 month. After this period i tried to get off with my hand. I was able to cum this way while my girlfriend gave me a handjob (About 4 days ago, we tried it twice and i came twice).

My question is: My erections are still not strong and while i'm able to cum in this normal fashion way, i don't get fully erected while doing so. Is this something that will improve over time and is it harmfull to cum while doing normal mastrubation while not fully erected?  I really want to have sex with my girlfriend so i need my erections to improve.

Dear regards,

Prone masturbating is dangerous.  It means to lie face down and thrust the penis into or against something, like a mattress or pillow.  Prone masturbation causes severe sexual dysfunctions, especially delayed ejaculation, in most males who practice it.  A male who masturbates prone needs to give it up and learn to masturbate by hand, the way nearly all males do.

It would have been better for you to masturbate by hand yourself instead of your girlfriend giving you manual intercourse.  That was what you were supposed to learn.

If you've only been doing hand masturbation (your girlfriend's hand) for four days, you will not have yet changed enough to notice a difference in your erections.  Most males notice an improvement in their erections 3-4 months after they start masturbating by hand.

To learn more about prone masturbation and its consequences, see

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