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Hello. I just have 2 quick questions:
1) Why doesn't masturbation work for me? I've been trying since I found out there was such a thing, about once a week for 3 months (in times of desperation about once every 1-2 days) and half the time it feels good, like I'm building up to an orgasm, then I think of something unrelated for half a second and POOF! The feeling's gone, and I don't get it back; the other half I felt nothing. I haven't ejaculated yet so I guess it's not that important, but still, it would be nice. I use the technique illustrated on everything ever but still no luck.  Is this because I don't have anyone that I'm sexually aroused by to fantasize about?
Which brings me to my next question:
2) Why haven't I ever gotten an erection from a person? I mean, I get them from leaning on my crotch, I get them from lying on my stomach, I get them from showering, I get them from trying to masturbate (before they vanish unexpectedly) but not from any person. I've seen girls that I really, really like, but no response from the nether regions. Are "real" erections a part of puberty, are the girls around my school lame (sadly, most are), or am I asexual or something? (Age 12 1/2)

You are pretty young and need to be patient and take your time.  Not every boy is masturbating to orgasm at your age.  You probably will be by the time you turn 13 in about 6 months.

See this page for more tips: Http://

Don't masturbate by leaning on your crotch or lying on your stomach.  Erections will be frequent for you very soon.

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