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Doug wrote at 2012-12-18 23:41:09
William:  Masturbating by lying prone (face down) and thrusting your penis against something is a dysfunctional method that has been called Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS).  Prone masturbation leads to sexual dysfunctions in most males who practice it.  You can learn more about prone masturbation and how to overcome it at

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I can answer all types of questions on masturbating, sex, and other pleasures. I can also answer some questions on toys and concerns of penis size. Note- Sorry guys, I've been getting a lot of questions about concerns referring to penile irritation and categories in need of medical attention; I can only answer questions on techniques, etc. If it is an absolute emergency, then I would be happy to help, but please keep in mind that I am not a certified doctor and have no rights to give medical attention! Thank you


My exgirlfriend was a nurse at a sperm bank, so she taught me a ton of different techniques to get me going

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