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I got my Rico a maltese puppy when he was 7wks old. so now he's about 4 months old maltese puppy. he's been doing fine with Ultra by (Neutro) dry food. I have been mixing with canned food as well. lately he doesn't want to eat and sometimes I hand feed him and then he finishes. I want him to eat dry food without the canned food. he eats 3 times a day, and I was was researching about all the natural foods. any suggestions, I was thinking off Wellness, Blue buffalo or Innova. he also has tear stains, what should I use.


Tear stains in Maltese;  Angel eyes is a antibiotic, don't use it.

Hi Eveline and Rico,  sorry for the dely, I was ill this past week.
Yes, I would slowly switch little Rico onto a better food.  Wellness, Blue or Innova are all great foods for pups or adults dogs.
Mix his current food with this new food at a 50:50 mix for 2-3 weeks.
Slow change over is always best.

I would buy some Wellness or Innova canned food and add as a topper.  A topper is just a tablespoon or two of the wet canned food ontop of the Dry kibble.
You can wet this kibble with a little warm water to soften it a little.

My Maltese and my clients all take NuVET wafer or powder for an over all great vitamin and it helps to prevent tear stains!   
A quality food will also help to lessen tear stains.  
If I have not used the NuVET for a week or two then my girl will get some tear stains.  So - we stick with the NuVET-  it's all Natural.
About Angel Eyes for Tear stains:
(** Don't use angel eyes- it's a drug / low grade antibiotic)

HERE are some tips on Maltese eye stains -

HOPE this helps....
BEST wishes on your little Rico

Marie Peppers LPN MA


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