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Belly rash
Belly rash  

Backside rash
Backside rash  
I have a male Maltese dog (4 yrs in human years) and within the past 6-9 months, he is breaking out all over in some type of skin rash. It first started around his butt and tail and has spread rapidly throughout his belly, left back hip, back, and throughout the top of his head. I took him to a military vet on Okinawa, Japan where I live and they prescribed him an antiobiotic (don't remember name) and two types of shampoo's; Malaseb shampoo 2x a week and Sebolux 1x a week. I've been using the shampoo and it just doesn't seem to be working. His diet consists of Science Diet Adult Small Bites food and an occassional treat. He is an indoors dog and "potty trained" on a pea pad. He is constantly itching and/or biting and I don't know what else to do. Being overseas makes it harder to get the right treatment and medicine since I just can't go to a Pet Smart or similar store when I need to. PLEASE HELP!

nuvet helps itchy pets
nuvet helps itchy pets  
Hi Joe,  Glad you did see the VET for a diagnosis;  I would like to see you try the NuVet Plus supplement;  ( they have it in a wafer treat or powder)          The NuVET Folks will ship to a Okinawa Military Address via US Mail ;  
Try the NuVET supplement and also the TEA Tree Hot spot shampoo by NuVet
Both are excellent and I have had great luck with my clients on the products;
Sorry your Maltese is having so much trouble.
Call NuVET at  1-800-474-7044 and tell them you are working with Pet Nurse Marie or
order here:  ( 60 day money back guarantee) / ALL Natural

Keep me posted
Marie Peppers LPN MA
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My experience is with Nutritional concerns: In my experience, the Maltese will do well on any one of several dry dog foods, depending on his level of activity, his metabolism, and his individual body chemistry. Often, I will refer to Holist brands for your review. Also, I am a pet chef and can offer food prep instructions. Because of the requirements of a healthy coat many owners find that Maltese do best on a diet that is high in protein and fat content. If your Maltese is doing well on the food you are feeding do not switch. If you have skin problems that cannot be traced to an obvious cause such as fleas, consider a food with a higher fat content or one of the hypoallergenic foods.

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