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5.   Assume you are the marketing manager of a company manufacturing fully automatic washing machines. What product support services would you provide to the customer to have competitive advantage?

5. Assume you are the marketing manager of a company manufacturing fully automatic washing machines. What product support services would you provide to the customer to have competitive advantage?

'Competitive Advantage'
An advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate greater sales or margins and/or retain more customers than its competition. There can be many types of competitive advantages including the firm's cost structure, product offerings, distribution network and customer support.

Competitive advantages give a company an edge over its rivals and an ability to generate greater value for the firm and its shareholders. The more sustainable the competitive advantage, the more difficult it is for competitors to neutralize the advantage.

There are two main types of competitive advantages: comparative advantage and differential advantage. Comparative advantage, or cost advantage, is a firm's ability to produce a good or service at a lower cost than its competitors, which gives the firm the ability sell its goods or services at a lower price than its competition or to generate a larger margin on sales. A differential advantage is created when a firm's products or services differ from its competitors and are seen as better than a competitor's products by customers

CONSUMER  durable  manufacturers   offer  customer  service/ product  support  services  to  the  customers  as a  differential   advantage.

ADD  Value Selling

What is value?

Value could be defined as "the satisfaction of customer
requirement at the lowest total cost in use

This definition addresses both dimensions of value customer
perceptions of it and costs involved in satisfying those

Value   what it means to  the customer.

Customer requirementso may reflect perceptions of value that are those of value in exchange (price).,value in use, or esteem value. But in all cases the satisfaction of those "requirements" entails cost.

When value is seen only as value in exchange, price is the only cost the customer acknowledges.

When value is seen only as esteem value, not even price will be given much weight in the buying decision.

In commercial selling, you have to deal with customer perceptions of value in use as well as value in exchange.

The commercial demand is a derived demand, which is affected mostly by external factors. The prime objective in buying to satisfy that demand is to acquire the perceived values in use at the lowest possible cost.

1.Arrange an engineer visit
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2. Appliance workshop
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4.Product advice
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5.Online help
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6.Cleaning & Care
Learn about our tested and approved product range  
7.Identify your appliance
To help you, we need the E-Nr (model) and FD (production) numbers
8.Download instruction manuals
Find an online version of the instruction manual for your appliance
Download manuals
9. Register your guarantee
Register the second year of your manufacturer’s guarantee
Easy online guarantee registration for your appliance
11.Important safety notice for dishwashers
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12.Shop with  XXXXX  ONLINE
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13.NEW anti-rust through warranty
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14.Builders & developers
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