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Pls help me to answer following question

Course Code: MS-95
subject Research Methodology for Management Decisions

1.   What is a research design? Is it a specific plan like a building plan? How would you classify research designs?

2.   Listed below are some objects of varying degree of abstractness. Suggest the properties of each of these objects that can be measured by each of the four basic types of scales (levels of measurement)

a.   Customers in a retail store
b.   Voter attitudes
c.   Preference for a particular equity share
d.   Profitability of various divisions in a company
3.   What are the format requirements of a research article to be published in a professional journal? Use the web to find out information on APA reference style.

4.   Make a list of formula that are used in non-parametric tests. Your list should contain name of the test, its purpose and the test statistic used.

ANSWER: Here is some basic info in response to #1.
1)Research design is much like a building plan in that it outlines how one will go about the research process.  Research designs can be classified a number of ways such as experimental, non-experimental, lonngitudinal, etc. just to name a few.  

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QUESTION: sir thanks for you immediate response would you provide answer for other question also?

#2: the most common scales are: Ordinal scale (a ranking scale; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), Interval scale (an order scale with regular intervals between data points; temperature in degrees), Ratio scale (an interval scale with a true zero point; height in inches, time in seconds), and Nominal scale (labels only; male/female, open/closed).
So, for a) "customers in a store" it could be measured in a ratio scale (total number of customers in the store), and Nominal scale (number of men, number of women).
b) voter attitudes could be measured in an Ordinal scale (first choice of candidate; most important issue up for vote), Nominal scale (will the voter choose yes or no)...

#3 is asking for you to use the net to research APA standards, there is no question for me to answer here.

#4 is far too in-depth and not exactly my speciality.  You may be best served by looking at the following site for a brief overview.  

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