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I'm about to finish my job orientation on 3 sections , and I would like to submit a brief and professional report about my orientation. Do you have any ideas to write a professional report?
which points should be there? how to submit this report electronically or hard copy ?

Thank you

Thanks for asking this important question.

I notice from question that you would like to deal with three key issues. First, that you are dealing with a job orientation. Second, that you need to write a professional report; and thirdly that wish to know how to submit the report, both through hard copy and electronically.

Let look at each item one at a time.

The purpose of a job orientation is for a new employee to get to know what the company does; what their values are; the varied sections that work together to provide products and/or services to customers, etc.

This may explain why you have to go through the three sections. These sections are probably very important to understand and do your job.

Second, a report is a document that may be written to show findings following collection of relevant information and/or data. This implies that you need to write what you found out after your orientation. What your experiences were; what you enjoyed and not; the support you may have got from your supervisor, fellow employees, etc.

However, the report has to be professionally structured. It needs to show from whom the report is coming from; which is you. You also need to indicate the title of the report. Which is "Job Orientation". You also need to show to whom the report is going. This may be your departmental head, etc. Last but not least, there must be a date when the report is written.

Having said about the structure, there is also a need to have an introduction. This tells the person to whom you are writing the report what it is about.

Secondly, the report needs to have a body, that documents the key sections of the job orientation. Each section needs to link with the next to enable ideas flow naturally.

After introducing, writing the body, there is need to conclude the report by summarizing the key points.

Finally make some recommendations as to what may need to be done in terms of changes for improvements.

As any other written communication, you will have to sign off the report by indicating who wrote the report.

Another piece I would like to touch on is submission. You can submit the report electronically by attaching it as file and sending it to the recipient. However, the recipient should have an email for this to be feasible.

Alternatively, you can post the report in hard cope to the same recipient. However, whatever you decide to do needs to conform to the requirements of the report. If you were requested to send in hard copy, do not hesitate to follow this instruction.

I hope this answers this question.

Thank you Asseel for giving me the opportunity to be of help to you.
Take care,

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