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What is a good college if i want to get a degree in sports mangement to eventually be an NFL scout.

Hello Gabe,

What a great career direction!  

To be honest, I'm not sure.  But there is a lot of info out there on the web.  I took a quick look and I'm sure with a bit of research you can narrow the field quickly with respect to specific colleges.  I searched "Best colleges for sports management".

You may want to narrow the search to specifically, "NFL Scout".  So, another info avenue to pursue / search is, "how to become an NFL scout".  Lots of stuff out there.

This applies to all careers: What you need most is patience, passion for the specific career field, and perseverance .  If you want it bad enough, you will get there! Values and ethics and behavioral competencies head the top of the roster.  You should familiarize yourself with behavioral competencies (BC's). Said in a negative way, failure to understand and apply BC's does more to ruin and derail careers than other career limiting factor.  Here a great website:

Thanks for your question... wish I could assist further but I have little experience in the NFL Scout career field.

Stay focused!


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I own International Human Resources Coaching and Consulting, LLC. I successfully held corporate leadership positions from 1979 to 2007 in two $9B+ multi-national corporations. Positions included: Vice President, Human Resources for the Asia Pacific Region, Eaton Corporation; I was based in Shanghai, China. Prior to that assignment, Vice President, Human Resources Operations, Eaton World Headquarters, Cleveland, Ohio with global responsibility for Eaton’s Human Resources practices, international assignee management, and Regional Human Resources Directors in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Central and South America. Specifically, my experience spans work at domestic and international locations at the operating plant, division, business unit, and corporate levels and most business scenarios to include startups, closedowns, restructurings, integrations, and ongoing operations. I am an Eaton Business Excellence Assessment Examiner (Malcolm Baldrige based system). I introduced processes and process mapping into the Human Resources environment. I have extensive experience with and working in domestic and international organization matrix structures. In the Asia Pacific region I created and led the Asia Pacific level H.R. team, the professional and general manager development programs, China’s university relations program and managed the Asia Pacific key leaders process. I have coached managers and leaders. I am a professional listener, my style open, direct, and focused on leader accountability and employee engagement. In Summary, my career responsibility included more than 60,000 employees, 60 union and union free operations, and 45 countries. I also lived in Korea for two years while in service with the USA’s armed forces.

SCORE – Counselors to Americas Small Business; at various locations I have also belonged to Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce. I have served on Boards of medical, community and institutional organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Youngstown State University MBA work Youngstown State University, and University of Bridgeport University of Tennessee, Lean Manufacturing Certified Thunderbird School of Global Management, Management Certified.

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Corporate level awards for compensation systems, communications campaigns.

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