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Wipro Limited (Wipro) is a global information technology (IT), services company. Wipro provides a range of IT services, software solutions and research and development services in the areas of hardware and software design to companies worldwide. It uses its development centers located in India and worldwide, quality processes and global resource pool to provide IT solutions and deliver time-to-market and time-to-development advantages to its clients. It also provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services. The Company operate in three segments: IT Services business segment, IT Products business segment and Consumer Care and Lighting business segment. On June 10, 2011, it acquired the global oil and gas information technology practice of the Commercial Business Services Business Unit of Science Applications International Corporation Inc. along with 100% interest in SAIC Europe Limited and SAIC India Private Limited. On July 2, 2011, it also acquired 100% interest of SAIC Gulf LLC.

Wipro Ltd (NYSE:WIT) is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 140,000 employees serving over 900 clients in 57 countries. The company posted revenues of $7.37 billion for the financial year ended Mar 31, 2012.
Wipro helps customers to do business better leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and a vertically aligned business model. Our 55+ dedicated emerging technologies ‘Centers of Excellence’ enable us to harness the latest technology for delivering business capability to our clients.
Wipro is globally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. Wipro champions optimized utilization of natural resources, capital and talent. Today we are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.
In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be more responsive to changing customer needs. Wipro is well positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.
Wipro, one of the world's most trusted brands, is a name with a long history. Here's a snapshot of our journey to date:
•   Established in 1945 as Western India Vegetable Products Limited in Amalner, Maharashtra
•   IPO for capital in February 1946
•   Ventured in to the fledgling IT industry in 1981
•   Established software products and exports subsidiary, Wipro Systems Ltd. in 1983
•   Pioneers in marketing indigenous Personal Computers in 1985
•   Established a Joint venture with GE in 1989
•   Entered IT services in the 1990s - we were among the pioneers in developing the ODC (Offshore Development Center) concept
•   Software business assessed at SEI-CMM Level 5 in 1998
•   Listed on NYSE in 2000 (NYSE:WIT)
•   The first company in the world to be assessed at PCMM Level 5 in 2001
•   Entered the BPO business in 2002
•   Entered the Eco-energy business in 2008
The Spirit of Wipro is the core of Wipro...
The Spirit is rooted in current reality, but it also represents what Wipro aspires to be thus making it future active. The Spirit is an indivisible synthesis of all three statements. It means manifesting Intensity to Win, acting with sensitivity and being unyielding on integrity all the time.
•   Intensity to win
•   Act with Sensitivity
•   Unyielding Integrity
Make customers successful.   Team, Innovate, Excel.

•   This is the desire to stretch, to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp. This is aiming for maximum. This is the ardour to do our best, the hunger to be the best. This is the devotion to challenging our limits, it is about realizing our potential, and about expanding our potential.
•   It is not about winning at all costs. It is not about winning every time. It is not about winning at the expense of others.
•   It is about working together to create synergy. It is realising that I win when my team wins; my team wins when Wipro wins; and Wipro wins when its customers win, when its stakeholders win.
•   It is about innovating all the time. It is a continuous endeavour to do better than last time.
•   It is the Spirit of fortitude, the Spirit of never letting go... ever.
Our Chairman Azim H. Premji, Sr. executives of Wipro and external members who are global leaders and visionaries, form the Wipro Board of Directors which provides direction and guidance to the organization.
Azim H. Premji - Chairman
Executive Directors
T K Kurien - CEO, IT Business & Executive Director

Suresh C Senapaty - Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer
Independent Directors
Dr. Ashok S. Ganguly

B. C. Prabhakar

Dr. Henning Kagermann

Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth

M. K. Sharma

Narayanan Vaghul

Priya Mohan Sinha

Shyam Saran

Vyomesh Joshi

William Arthur Owens

Wipro Corporate Executive Council comprises a core group of corporate ideologues who have played a key role in shaping the company's corporate initiatives over the years. The Corporate Executive Council, led by Azim H. Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited, has been an active and engaging forum in deliberating the long term vision for the corporation.
Azim H. Premji - Chairman

Suresh C Senapaty - Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer

T K Kurien - CEO, IT Business & Executive Director

Pratik Kumar - Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Wipro Limited

Anurag Behar - Chief Sustainability Officer, Wipro Limited

Vineet Agrawal - President, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting

The Wipro Management Team comprises highly motivated individuals who anchor the organization to relentlessly provide world class IT and business solutions. The team includes global leaders with excellent domain knowledge and across-the-board cross-functional experience.
Chief Executive Officer - IT Business
T K Kurien - CEO, IT Business & Executive Director
Business Units
Anand Padmanabhan - Sr. Vice President, Energy, Natural Resources & Utilities

Ayan Mukerji - Sr. Vice President, Media & Telecom

N S Bala - Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing & Hi-Tech

Sangita Singh - Sr. Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Soumitro Ghosh - Sr. Vice President, Finance Solutions

Srini Pallia - Sr. Vice President & Global Head - Retail, Consumer Goods,
Transportation & Govt. Business Unit, Wipro Technologies
Service Lines
Anand Sankaran - Sr. Vice President - Wipro Infotech and Global
Infrastructure Services

K. R. Sanjiv - Sr. Vice President, Analytics & Information Management Services

Manoj Punja - Sr. Vice President, Wipro BPO

G. K. Prasanna - Sr. Vice President, Product Engineering Solutions and EcoEnergy

Shaji Farooq - Sr. Vice President, Advanced Technologies and
Go-to-Market Transformation, Wipro Technologies Limited
Business Divisions
Anand Sankaran - Sr. Vice President - Wipro Infotech and Global
Infrastructure Services

G. K. Prasanna - Sr. Vice President, Product Engineering Solutions and EcoEnergy
Sales and Operations
Rajat Mathur - Chief Sales & Operations Officer - Growth Markets,
Wipro Technologies
Alexis Samuel - Chief Process Officer, Wipro Ltd.

Dr. Anurag Srivastava - Sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Bhanumurthy B. M. - Chief Business Operations Officer, Wipro

Inderpreet Sawhney - Sr. Vice President & General Counsel, Wipro Ltd.

Jatin Dalal - Chief Financial Officer

Ravi Kiran Vadapally - Chief Risk officer, Wipro Ltd.

Rishad Premji - Chief Strategy Officer

Satishchandra D - Sr. Vice President - Global Transformation

Saurabh Govil - Sr. Vice President - Human Resources

As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, change seems to be the only constant. This dynamic means that businesses are facing challenges and opportunities which are very different to what they were a decade ago or even a year ago. The world of tomorrow is one where uncertainty and fierce global micro-competition is going to be the norm. Rightly so, the world is looking up to innovation in the triangle of technology, sociology and the environment to help them deal with these changes.
This innovation is coming to the fore in various hues and has shifted from the core to the edge of the enterprise. This is being driven by the rise of trends like analytics, mobility, cloud and as-a-service, even as the future will see newer technologies such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and natural user interface (NUI) fast becoming mainstream.
In this fast changing world, Wipro believes it can leverage on its institutionalized innovation culture to push the boundaries for delivering solutions that provide enhanced value and direct impact for our customers.
This culture has brought to the fore innovations like India's most powerful supercomputer, a cost-effective Base Terminal Station designed for GSM networks in underserved markets, a mobile switching router for emerging markets, connected home concept and Wipro Energy Manager that uses M2M communication, among others. Taking forward our legacy in pioneering the ODC concept, Wipro has also developed application-based innovations like Flex and Cigma delivery models which are service-based as opposed to resource-based.
Wipro is also partnering with European research institute IMEC to co-innovate and develop next-generation intelligent systems based on nanoelectronics and aimed at emerging markets through an initiative called Applied Research in Intelligent Systems Engineering (ARISE).
Wipro works with alliance partners to offer compelling business propositions for the customers. Our alignment with the technology leaders across various industries enables us to provide our customers with world-class solutions that transform their business processes.
Key benefits
•   Creating competitive advantage by understanding the industry and bringing the right combination of products and services expertise to create a solution
•   Reduce IT costs by developing and implementing cost-effective solutions at scale
•   End-to-end seamless solutions to minimize risk.
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•   X
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•   Actuate
•   Agiliance
•   Amazon Web Services (AWS)
•   Amber Point
•   Apriso
•   Archer
•   Arcot Systems
•   ArcSight
•   Ariba   •   ARM
•   Artisan
•   Aspect
•   ATG
•   Autonomy
•   Avaya
•   Axiom      
•   BEA
•   Blue Titan
•   BMC software
•   Borland
•   Business Objects         
•   CA
•   Cape Clear
•   Cape Technologies
•   CAUnicentre
•   Centrify
•   CEVA
•   Check Point
•   Cisco
•   Citrix
•   Clarify
•   Cloakware
•   Cognos
•   Computer Associates
•   Compuware
•   Concept Wave
•   Concord   •   Control-F1
•   Cyber-Ark Software
•   Cyclone Commerce   
•   DataFlux
•   DataFoundations
•   DSPA          
•   Egenera
•   EMC
•   Eurekify
•   Exeros         
•   Fluke Networks
•   FormScape
•   Fortify
•   Fortinet
•   Fujitsu         
•   Getronics
•   Google
•   Guardium
•   GXS         
•   Hitachi
•   HP
•   Hyperion         
•   i2 Technologies
•   IBM
•   IDeaS
•   InfinityQS
•   Informatica
•   Information Builders
•   Infovista
•   Ingrian Networks   •   Intec
•   Intel
•   Internet Security Systems
•   Interwoven
•   ITKO      
•   JDA
•   Juniper         
•   Kalido
•   Kinaxis
•   Legato         
•   McAfee
•   Magic Software
•   Marsys
•   Mercator
•   Metasolv
•   Metrowerks
•   Microsoft
•   Microsemi   •   MicroStrategy
•   Mirapoint
•   Microsoft PLM
•   Microfocus      
•   Nash Technologies
•   Netezza
•   NetSuite
•   NetApp
•   Nortel         
•   Oblicore
•   OM Partners
•   Openet
•   Oracle
•   Orga Systems
•   Pegasystems
•   PeopleSoft
•   Portal
•   Progress Software         
•   Quantum ATL         
•   Reactivity
•   Red Hat
•   RiT
•   Riverbed
•   RSA         
•   SAP
•   SAS
•   Selectica
•   Siebel
•   Siperian
•   Skybox
•   SmartOps   •   Sonic Software
•   Space-Time Insight
•   Sterling Commerce
•   StorageTek
•   Stratus Technologies
•   Sun
•   Symantec   •   Symbian
•   Syntex Solutions

•   Texas Instruments
•   Teradata
•   Tibco
•   Trend Micro
•   TriCipher
•   TSMC
•   Tumbleweed Communications         
•   UMC         
•   Verity
•   Vignette
•   Vitria
•   VMware         
•   WebMethods
•   WebSense
•   Workday
•   No Alliances         
•   No Alliances         
•   Zafin Labs         
Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting – Customer-based innovation
Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCLG) is today among the top 10 FMCG companies and amongst the fastest growing FMCG companies in India. It has a presence in over 40 countries with over 6,500 employees worldwide. Wipro has 8 production plants in India and 5 overseas. The business segments within WCCLG include Consumer Care, Trade Lighting, Commercial and Institutional Lighting, Furniture, North West Switches, Unza and Yardley. In FY 2011-12 WCCLG clocked revenues of Rs. 33.4 billion, a year-on-year growth of 23%.
Today's dynamic retail market is brimming with a plethora of FMCG products. WCCLG has contributed a range of consumable commodities to these. Established in 1945, the first product to be introduced by WCCLG was vegetable oil, later popularized under the brand name 'Sunflower Vanaspati'.
In the subsequent period other Wipro brands have managed to attract and retain a large consumer base, thus establishing Wipro's market presence. From personal care products, such as Wipro Baby Soft and Wipro Safewash, to toilet soaps like Santoor and Chandrika, we incorporated the changing needs of our consumers into our varied merchandise. We have also recently rolled out a new range of products- talc, soap and a range of deodorants under the male toiletries brand Aramusk. Our Wellness segment includes brands like Glucovita glucose powder and honey and Wipro Sweet N Healthy artificial sweetener. We also own international brands like Yardley and Unza.
We also provide comprehensive lighting solutions with fittings like Smartlite CFL, LED, emergency lights and more. These power-saving innovations have carved a niche for themselves in diverse industries – IT/ITES, retail and pharmaceuticals. Through our dedicated services, customer-centric products and acquisitions we have gained the loyalty of millions of global consumers.
For more information visit
Wipro Infrastructure Engineering – Building Precision
Since 1976, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, a division of Wipro Limited, has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality Hydraulic Cylinders and Truck Hydraulics Solutions. Known for bespoke engineering designs and advanced manufacturing capabilities, Wipro Infra is the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the world. We deliver world-class cylinders to international OEMs, bearing in mind that precise fit, maximum load capacity and enduring performance are critical to their business success.
With manufacturing bases across India, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America, we specialize in a broad portfolio of Double-acting, Single-acting and Telescopic cylinders and their components for a wide range of segments like Material/Cargo Handling, Forestry, Truck Hydraulics, Construction & Earthmoving, Mining and Farm & Agriculture. We partner with our customers at every step of their requirement by harnessing our leading-edge design, technologies and in-house talent pool in providing optimal hydraulic solutions. Wipro Infra is also into manufacturing of hydraulic pumps for Construction & Earthmoving equipment in a joint venture with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, besides representing the Nabtesco range of hydraulic products in India.
We recently ventured into Water Treatment Systems & Solutions, and Aerospace & Defense sector to cater to the needs of these varied industries.
Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited – Advanced Healthcare
Organizations in today's competitive healthcare industry contend with significant challenges. We, at Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited, are engaged in the research and development of advanced solutions, which help overcome these obstacles.
Wipro GE Healthcare is a highly successful joint venture, and part of GE Healthcare South Asia. We are committed to delivering quality solutions that effectively meet the needs of customers and patients. Our products and services range from diagnostics to IT, helping healthcare professionals combat cancer, heart disease and other ailments.
We adhere to Six Sigma quality standards in all our products, while managing a volume of clinical information across the enterprise. Our aim is to achieve maximum productivity, and garner customer satisfaction through uncompromising integrity.

Sustainability at Wipro is all about good citizenship
It stems from the belief that corporations are socio-economic citizens and that their objectives have to be congruent with society's goals. Today, they wield significant capacity to influence social issues, i.e. “power to do good”. This is a responsibility and must manifest in thoughtful and deliberate set of initiatives, not in charity. These must reflect the same level of rigor & strategic thinking as in business initiatives.
Wipro believes it must try to, and can make (some) lasting impact, towards creating a just, equitable, humane & sustainable society. This is reason enough to act.
•   Provide leadership in thought & action on key societal issues
•   Need to respond to immediate issues of current generation
•   Need to work towards building a good society for future generations

•   Wipro Cares
•   Wipro Applying Thought in Schools
•   Mission10X
•   eco eye
•   earthian
Wipro Cares engages with communities in our proximate locations. The primary objectives of Wipro Cares are to support the developmental needs of marginalized communities in cities and towns where Wipro has a large presence. We have four core areas of work - education, health care, environment and disaster rehabilitation. Wipro Cares is currently engaged in 12 projects across India. Through its five health care projects in three states of India Wipro Cares is providing more than 50000 people access to primary health care. More than 70000 children benefit from the six education projects in five Indian cities and one Indian village. Our project in social forestry has helped plant more than 50000 trees and has at the same time provided livelihood to around 40 farmers. Employee engagement is an integral part of Wipro Cares where we encourage employees to volunteer with our partners, acting thus as catalysts in bringing about positive change. Apart from these core areas, as part of the long term process that is typically involved in the rehabilitation of communities affected by natural calamities we offer Wipro employees the opportunity to engage meaningfully with the affected communities.

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