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Managing a Business/Contacting cancelled Accounts to return equipment given on rent


I work for a company that gives cooler on monthly rental to offices. They have 2000 accounts cancelled and suspended because of non payment. my assignment is to send letters to them to return the cooler & pay outstanding invoices.

Draft a letter
How to follow up the letter if they don't get back may be business closed or moved.
Next step how to keep track if 2000 accounts were mailed letter
The inventory system in not correct no log of serial numbers of equipment


Hi Justin,

Here are the details related to your questions:

<Draft a letter>
A. I suggest check out for some templates available on internet and then try to draft it by your own. I will certainly help you in reviewing the same. If you are not able to initiate the process, do let me know I will be more than happy in helping you.

<How to follow up the letter if they don't get back may be business closed or moved.>
A. It is better to send the letters using authentic courier services which return the letters if the genuine recipient is not present. You can also trust on government mailer services for getting back undelivered letters but for which you have to pay extra bucks (entirely depends on the local rules).
Second if you don't get your letters back, check for the alternate addresses/contact numbers given by the people who have taken the coolers on rent.
Third, if the alternate add/no. is not working, you can go take help of security agencies or lodge a complaint against those people, but it would require genuine receipts.

<Next step how to keep track if 2000 accounts were mailed letter>
A. I suggest you to use some software tools to update the records for further tracking. If you are using MS Excel you have to update the records manually and regularly. If you are not using any software then you have to do lots of paper-work and for each entry you have to maintain the black and white record.
Its always recommended to use some tools as its always convenient to find and update the records.

<The inventory system in not correct no log of serial numbers of equipment>
A. If there is no log of serial numbers of the equipment, there should be some unique identifier which can help you in matching the items or there should some old records which may help you in arranging the items. As I can't see the actual situation I am not able to visualize the actual problem so I can only wish you good luck in getting the right inventory list. However you can check with your team-mates or colleagues who have previously worked in that department, they might help you. If you don't find any solution, do let me know I will try to give you some updates.

I hope you are satisfied with the answers, do write to me for any other questions and you can rate me if you really liked the answers.


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