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Dear Brad

Can both Non Executive and Independent Directors play an active
role during mergers and acquisitions ?.

Example :

Company A (Parent, Acquirer, Merger-er) , Company B (Secondary, Acquired, Merged).

Case 1 :

Company A and Company B both have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Case 2 :

Company A has Non Executive and Independent Directors,
Company B do not have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Case 3 :

Company A do not have Non Executive and Independent Directors, Company B have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

From the point of view of "Can they..." as you asked the question, of course the answer is yes.  

I presume that you mean your question to about the activity POST merger (ie the integration etc).  In this case, i can't see the acquiring firm using the non-exec/independent directors of the acquired firm in any meaningful roles.

Until that point, they are vital to protect shareholder interests and in fact should probably lead the charge, but once the decision is approved i expect their involvement would be minimal.  

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