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  I've been working since I was 16, for local retailers as well as restaurants. In food service, I understand that food molds and gets disgusting, etc., but why are retailers so adamant about taking out the trash even if the bag isn't full? If it's overflowing, then of course I can see taking it out. Otherwise, it seems like the military had a big then about always having an empty garbage can. I'm getting into Management and am. It sure what's so great about even a half filled trash can. Thanks!!

It is mostly a health issue. One main area especially in food related business the heath inspector will check is the trash area. Rodents, insects, spoilage are all concerns were trash is collected. I support nt only regular trash removal but cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis. Remember when you get into management QSC. Quality, Service, and Cleanliness are the basics for a well run business.

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