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Managing a Business/Business Benefits of Corporate Video Creation.


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How effective would be for a Organisation to have a Corporate video shoot in their premises/infrastructure to sell their products and services for existing and new customers ?.

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A corporate film, business video or a corporate video is an extremely effective audio-visual tool to communicate a variety of aspects of a business to a specific target group of viewers.

This target group may range from
-a company’s clients,
-business associates,
-trade, partners,
-share holders,
employees or even to the visitors in its premises.

A good corporate video delivers far more than what a conventional website, flash or power point presentation can deliver. A typical corporate video integrates well shot & edited video, still images, animation & packaging along with a well scripted voice-over or a commentary, a suitable sound track & audio effects.
Good corporate films or videos manage to showcase the required business content in a manner that keeps the viewer engaged as well as informed simultaneously. Well made corporate films go a long way in creating the desired perceptions for an organization & hence also serve as a very effective image building tool.

Corporate videos have applications for all areas of business ranging from image building & promotion for marketing; product promotion or demonstration, or service showcase for sales;
-induction, motivation & training for human resource development.
-A typical corporate profile film which serves as an organizations external showcase, is used to profile a company or a business and to convey aspects of the organization like it’s history, vision & mission, products & services, infrastructure, accomplishments (certificates/awards/affiliations), team, quality policy, clientele etc in the most informative & engaging audio-visual format. These types of business videos can be used to enhance your company’s imagery and portray a clear & comprehensive story about the organization being showcased. Well made Corporate Profile Films or videos serve as extremely effective tools to showcase an organizations capabilities, achievements, ethics & credentials to potential clients & associates. Organizations across the world are increasingly leveraging the power of online video sharing platforms as a cost-effective means to reach out to a larger more relevant target audience to showcase the required aspects of their business.


A corporate video is a powerful marketing medium
with the ability to communicate concise, precise
and controlled information with a positive effect. A
well-constructed video fires the imagination, and
increases the energy. It will engage emotion, focus
attention and enable each individual to visualize
his or her role as an important part of the team.
The strength of a good corporate video lies in its
simple ability to transport people to various
locations, illustrate concepts and convey far more
than just words spoken or printed, ever can. Video
is an effective and memorable way of
communicating. The core messages and themes
can then be reinforced using other forms of
A great corporate video is an absolute necessity
for any company.
The stages required to produce a video vary,
however generally involve the following steps:
1. PRE-PRODUCTION involves briefing, research,
location finding, administration, booking of
facilities and writing a treatment outline (video
content, description and approach). After
approval, a storyboard including both
narration and camera shots will be
2. SHOOTING follows the approved script and
involves a camera crew and a director going
to location/s to interview participants and
shoot footage to illustrate, illuminate and
reinforce the script. If required studio shoots are
undertaken where controlled lighting and
effects are employed, eg product
demonstrations, these will be shot then also.
3. POST-PRODUCTION includes recording of a
guide narration (using an edited script, which
may change from the shooting script because
of interviewee's comments etc.).
Footage is edited to the guide narration,
graphic and video effects generated and
music and titles added. The resulting edit
master is then approved and amended as
necessary. The final master tape or DVD is then,
complete and ready for duplication.
4. DUPLICATION is the transfer of masters to the
final format - which can be all or any of, DVD,
MPEG, AVI and more. The ready-for-release
final product is packaged and presented in an
appropriate way with labels, inserts and sleeves
all printed and applied.
Why Corporate Videos are vital for any
Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million
dollar corporation, the production of a corporate
video or company profile is essential for your
growth. Sharp, professionally produced corporate
DVDs convey a corporate image that positions
your company as an industry leader.
Benefits and uses include;
Educate existing staff / new staff induction
Buyers & potential clients – attract new
business to your company
Investors - attract new investment
Sponsorship – for the organisations you
Promotional activities and corporate events
Distribution to stakeholders
Mediastorm listens to your needs and gets to know
your business to ensure that your corporate video
showcases all that your company is about; what
you do, your people and company values.

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