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Managing a Business/Business Benefits of Corporate Video Creation.


Dear Aniket

How effective would be for a Organisation to have a Corporate video shoot in their premises/infrastructure to sell their products and services for existing and new customers ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

The corporate video is designed to cater the needs of the business requirements. It helps a vendor to explain the services/product offered more effectively. It also helps in letting the customer understand the functioning of the vendor.
But, it is not always advisable to shoot a corporate video in the premises for the customers. It may breach the security and also it may raise certain unwanted questions from the customers about the functioning of the processes in vendor organization.
It is always good to show the details of the products and its applications to the customers by shooting a video as it will have a long lasting impact.
On other hand there are some organizations including media houses who deliver the presentations from the premises where the other individuals can be seen working. It helps them in showing to the viewers that how their team is intensively involved in the activities. This mode is only recommended for those corporate houses which are well maintained and are selling their brand on the grounds of the services offered.
You can see some examples of different video shoots of very famous brands like RedHat where the directors of the company are seen working on the desks of the employees, this is done in order to allure the other people including the customers. This helps them to sell the idea of flat structure of working.
But if any organization/company is small and has space constraints, it is advisable to refrain from shooting a video within the premises. As it can have some adverse impact on the viewers.
Remember, the well designed/decorated things can be sold easily (on the lighter note).


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