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I JUST purchased a small drive thru tea shop,and now I have to move to another state to help take care of a sick parent. The shop I bought it from, was owned by a couple who did NOT work the daily operations, but collected the funds, deposits, payroll and weekly meetings with the girls. So, i planned on doing the same. I'm looking for solutions how I can keep the girls accountable as far them knowing I'm gone and stealing products, money not being the usual numbers, etc. The product is delivered and ordered by the current manager. The girls do not know me, so, therefore, they do not have my back. I do not have a lot of room for profit, and trust is an issue. How can I keep the Them honest , and who should I have do the operations I planned to do? The age range is 18-23


Hi Stephanie,

I understand you dilemma after immediately moving out of the place where you purchased the shop. Few things which I noted in your question are:

1. The girls (18-23 age group) are primary responsible for the operations
2. They don't know who have purchased the business from the previous owner (a couple in your case)
3. There is one more manager acting as one of the stakeholders who is responsible for delivery and order of the product.

I would like to understand your situation in more detail, could you please answer the questions listed below:

1. How far is your parents place from the shop. How frequently you can travel to both the places
2. Do you know the manager personally
3. Do you know the modus operandi of the girls with respect to the routine activities
4. How much is the total experience of the girls working in the shop

Few suggestions:

1. Meet the girls in person and understand their experience
2. Meet the current manager who is responsible for the transactions and discuss the work process
3. Check out the current compensation of the girls and get it revised if you feel its less than expected
4. Try to maintain the transparency between you and the girls
5. Set the targets, rewards and accolades against the work done by the girls
6. Regularly meet the girls and understand the pain points
7. Regroup the girls and ask them to handle different operations each month, in this way all of the girls will learn different operations
8. Share your situation with the workers, once they know the truth they will be more reliable and also they work more sincerely.

I hope the above points may help you in developing your business.

Good Luck.


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