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Managing a Business/Duplicate key making machines.


Dear Brian

Are duplicate key making machines available in the Market?.

In case no, Do you feel that this could be a good Business product line startup for a manufacturing co?.


Hi Prashant

Small milling machines suitable for key cutting are widely available in this market as are businesses who will cut keys. Key Blanks are supplied by lock manufacturers. I'm unsure who supplies the cutting machines, perhaps the lock manufacturers.

You have a large market and a growing population so you have to access whether there is sufficent space in the market to compete with established manufacturers.

Once again you have to research the market.

Prashant the best new business is one that has a unique product with a reasonable product life so innovation is important. I'm sensing you are asking these questions because of limited capital. I'm unsure whether your market has progressed from reproducing the products of others to designing and producing new products but as you look at products and services look at the product life cycle becauce innovation and emerging economies means there is rapid change and a product can be obsolete before you get it into the market

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