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Managing a Business/Household letters box with mechanical combination Lock.


Dear Brian

Is it possible to design and Construct household letters box with mechanical combination Lock?.

Could this be a good Business product line startup for a manufacturing co?.


Hi Prashant

Such mail boxes exist in my market.

I begin to see a pattern in your questions, there are a number that are associated with locks and metal fabrication,

The question really is what exists in your market and is there a growing market. As you live in a nation where there will be large numbers emerging from poverty, you need to understand whether traditional mail will be bypassed electronically as land lines were by the mobile phone in emerging economies.

So what you have to do is ask yourself the right questions, be less product oriented and more oriented to what does your market need going forward.

To help you think about this; in my market private mail is declining with the postoffice seeking to make services less frequent, what is growing is parcel traffic, so another question is does your mail box have to be larger or should you as one firm did provide a communal mailbox facility to enhance security and offer ancilliary services such as printing. I think you also need a cultural perspective and the answers in my culture will be different to yours. we might be considered to be in an austerity phase at this point

I am also aware that you ask these questions other experts and I hope they are helpful to you, but honestly if it has been done before, and you have the ability to research the internet, try to find out how successful the company is. Personally I don't have the time for such research unless it is part of a consulting contract

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