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Managing a Business/Household letters box with mechanical combination Lock.


Dear Ken

Is it possible to design and Construct household letters box with mechanical combination Lock?.

Could this be a good Business product line startup for a manufacturing co?.


Hello Prashant,

This is a great idea--one I've thought about myself as mailbox theft is steadily increasing. The only problem to overcome is the mail-delivery persons access to the box. The way to solve this would be to have a digital lock with a distinct code for each box, but a universal code for the delivery person--it can't be mechanical.

If you could develop and manufacture the lock it would then be a matter of making it retrofit-able to existing boxes as the sale of new boxes is so small. You would also have to consider patent protection as this would have huge market potential and could easily be copied.

There are companies claiming to do this already, so if you're interested in looking into this further I would do a search to see what they claim to manufacture.

Warm regards,


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