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Managing a Business/Portable telescope manufacturing business startup.


Dear Ken

Can portable telescope manufacturing be a good Business startup co?.


Hello Prashant,

I don't think so. There are over 50 manufacturers selling worldwide. The products they sell range from inexpensive to very expensive. There would be no way to find a niche and profitably compete. Many of these companies are vertically integrated and manufacture all the components in house, giving them a distinct cost advantage. You would have to purchase many of the components and then assemble them, burdening you with a higher cost structure. That would be offset somewhat by your lower overhead as a startup, but it would be difficult to become profitable in a reasonable time frame.

To be successful in a product to consumer business, you've got to have competitive differentiation, either in features or price, or both. Then you have to have a marketing budget that will get it in front of prospects. If you're competing with recognized brands you've got a bigger uphill climb.

Find something that will make you standout in a crowd!

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