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Managing a Business/Cybercafes Inside airports.


Dear Aniket

Do you suggest to have cybercafes Inside airports - Local and International?.

Could this be a good Business startup?.


Dear Prashant,

First of all, no idea is bad idea. Its about how you execute the same.
There are multiple reasons that the idea of having cyber cafes inside airports could not be a good thought.

1. It directly relates to the security concerns. You need to walk-through multiple security channels to prove that your idea is foolproof and it has no repercussions.

2. Almost every airport is now its own WiFi-zone, hence people travelling from other countries without international roaming can use available WiFi

3. Every smart phone is internet enabled with 3G and 4G options

4. The cost of usage of internet would be very high as you have to maintain lots of stuff. This cost would not be affordable by the commuters

There are other several reasons which do not suggest to have cybercafes inside the airports as start-up idea.


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