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Q1 (A)How are the first directors of the company appointed?
(B) What is the notice period required for a board meeting?

Q2 (A) Can a company appoint managing director and manager simultaneously?
(B) Is company allowed to appoint a part-time secretary instead of a Whole-time Secretary?

Q3 (A) Who can fix the remuneration of auditors under the companies act?    
(B) Write note on –Prohibition of drawl of foreign exchange.

Q4 (A) Can a company increase its maximum number of directors in its board?
(B) A who is a member of PQR Ltd. Wants to inspect the register of directors share holding. When can he do so?

Q5 (A) How far are (a) title (b) preamble and (c) marginal notes in an enactment helpful in interpreting any of the parts of an enactment?
(B) How can a vacancy caused by resignation of director be filed? What is the tenre of office of such an appointee?   

Q6 (A) What is the quorum for the meeting of the board of directors of a public company? Explain what is meant by disinterested quorum. Is this term significant for a general meeting also?
(B) Why books of account are required to be maintained by a company? Who are the persons responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of books of account?
(C) Explain the provisions of the companies act 1956 relating to the preparation of annual report of a government company.

Hi Jobin

I'm sure all you questions can be anwered by a diligient search of the internet.

Rules for the conduct of corporations vary from country to country but much of what you ask is contained in what we call the Memorandum of Association which is the governing document of the Corporation,

It is apparent that your questions are assignment questions. I don't provide model answers to assignments

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