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Do you consider as a good HR practice for designing customised T-Shirts for corporate employees displaying the corporate brand name?.


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T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, fleeces, light jackets and sweaters, are all terrific rewards for employees. It makes them feel like a part of the team and employees are proud to wear them. They are especially effective when used to celebrate important events or achievements, and have those achievements embroidered on the front, or on an sleeve.

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Do you feel that the customised T-Shirts can be wear by the corporate employees on friday or any specific day of the week?.


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When the logo garments can be worn depends on two things: what the normal dress code of the company is, and how does the dress code apply to the various levels of the organization. As an example, if there are factory workers, obviously they can wear want they want. Office workers have less leeway, and managers even less. Having said that, many companies have a casual Friday, as you imply. On that day everyone in the company should be encouraged to wear the company logo garments.

As I mentioned in my first reply, there are garments other than T-shirts that should be considered. In my last company we had dress shirts made with logos over the pockets and they were frequently worn by management. This was effective when customers visited the company.

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