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Good day
With reference to developing a procedure / operations manual for a small to medium sized business are there any good do it yourself resources out there ie. workbooks, software, step by step resources etc...
Also is an operation manual the same as a franchise manual. If not where can I learn to write a franchise manual. Are there any good books, manuals  that you can refer me to that teaches one how to write a franchise manual.

Hi Sam

A franchise manual is actually three manuals:

1. The manual for operating the franchisee business (for example, one of your shops, if the franchise is a chain of shops)

2. The manual for communications between the franchisor and the franchisee. For example, what standards the franchisee needs to comply with and what the responsibilities are on each side.

3. The manual for operating head office. For example, finding new franchisees (marketing and sales), signing up new franchisees, managing franchisees and keeping them happy, closing down franchises that have reached the end of their life or are not working.

Helping business owners with procedure manuals is my profession.  I love helping people to set up a structure for their manual and teaching them good ways to write it.  I specialise in easy to maintain web-based procedure manuals with the ability to print when necessary. Web-based manuals are much easier to maintain and can have embedded media to make them into training manuals as well. I have a DIY system and template ready to go for the first manual listed above. Please reply to this message or visit my website if you'd like to know more. You can contact me from there and also subscribe to my newsletter about business systems.

I looked around for franchise templates and found this: . This looks comprehensive, but of course you'd need your lawyer to check it out for local laws.  Also it seems to be based in office software rather than web.

What is the nature of your franchise business?

Hope this helps


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I can answer questions about all aspects of designing and producing procedures manuals for small and medium sized businesses, including managing the documentation project, the analysis that leads to the design of the manual, business writing, publishing the business manual, educating the staff about continuous improvement and using ISO 9001. You can find out more at my website and sign up to receive my blog.

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I have been a professional technical communicator and information designer since 1992 and have worked in business process analysis since 1998. I have produced procedures manuals for businesses and software user manuals that reflect business processes. I also provide internal quality auditing services. I have created a template for small and medium business operations manuals.

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