Managing Your Time Effectively/making salt water taffy soft again


chris wrote at 2014-04-10 14:15:47
Regarding hardened Brown Sugar: put the sugar in a storage container that has a tight seal. Lay a dry kitchen towel on top, covering completely. Lay another slightly damp, not wet, towel on top of the dry towel and leave for about 24 hours. Use a fork to fluff it up the next day. This works really well with no apple taste.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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I can give you tips and hints on how to use your time efficiently, shortcuts to make this possible and the importance that great time management can have on every aspect of your life, home, job and family relationships.


I am a Professional Organizer and one of my specialties is 'time managment'. I am an advocate of the saying "Work Smarter-Not Harder' and I show you ways to accomplish this through smart and efficient time management.

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