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Whenever I study, I always start to lose focus and suddenly, I start wanting to go to sleep. I've tried changing the place, time, and position I study in with no luck. I also try to study after a nap, but end up wanting to go back to sleep. Do you have any suggestions, things I could do to not fall asleep and stay focused? Thank you so much.

Hi Emily;
well, you have one of two problems. Either learning comes too easy for you and your not challenged with your work. OR it is hard for you, you are frustrated and you would rather ignore it than do it. Now you have to figure out which one it is.
If it is the second one, you are making work harder than it needs to be. You need to write notes that answer who, what, when, where, why and that will give you all you need to know on an entire chapter:
Who are the main people in the chapter
What is it they do, and where did it happen
why are they important
When did it take place
Why was it important in history etc.
get the idea?
If you have notes like this, it will answer every chapter, unit and semester test that you may have...then try taping your answers into a recorder and play it back to yourself while you are walking around, raking or snow shoveling, washing clothes, doing dishes etc. You will be studying a lot more than you are by sitting at a table.
Hope this helps.
Jan Hayner

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