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Whenever I study, I always start to lose focus and suddenly, I start wanting to go to sleep. I've tried changing the place, time, and position I study in with no luck. I also try to study after a nap, but end up wanting to go back to sleep. Do you have any suggestions, things I could do to not fall asleep and stay focused? Thank you so much.

Hi, Emily, thanks for writing.  This is a question that may be difficult to answer, as it could be medical in nature, due to natural processes of age (are you a teenager?), and everyone is individual in nature.  Let me give a few suggestions: 1. get plenty of sleep at the standard time of sleep, considering you school schedule, etc.   This is probably about 8 hours a night, although it varies. 2. plan your studying and set goals for each session.  When the goals are accomplished, reward yourself with something you enjoy. 3. try to be interested in what you are working on, if possible. 4. take a nap if needed, but not one long enough to disturb the normal sleep routine. 5. some caffeine (such as tea, coffee, or chocolate) may help, but keep it limited to 1 or 2 cups a day, as it can be addictive, and not too late in the day. 6. have a regular routine of exercise.  Also, try walking around the block, when you get a lapse in attention or get sleepy. 7. make sure your study environment is not distracted or interrupted. 8. see a physician to rule out attention deficit disorder or any sleep problems, if the above fail to help.  Good luck, write anytime.

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