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hi. i m at middle school i tried so hard so hard to mange my time and i tried a lot of tips from teachers, friends or parents but it never worked. i even tried to make my own time managing but it never worked you know. i really need to manage my time. and one more thing: how should i study the things i hate? thanks for your time bye

Hi-sorry to be late in responding-we had a recent internet outage.  Let me give you a few ideas. 1. make a daily schedule of things that occur at a certain time, and also schedule a time for studying. 2. make a list of what to accomplish at your study time.  Go down that list, and check off each thing as it is accomplished.  On a list of things to do, it is usually prioritized (A-vital, B-important but not urgent or most important, C-can be done later, D-can be ignored), but your study items will probably be all A's. 3. reward yourself for the list (or part of the list) being accomplished.  This can be some enjoyable activity, food (unless weight or nutrition is a problem), etc.  Make it a special reward when a particular unpleasant job is accomplished. Put all rewards on your list, so you are reminded of it.  Also, pat yourself on the back and feel good about yourself after each task is accomplished.  Write anytime.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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