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hi :) ... Good morning/evening :D

i'm gehad .. 18 years old .. I'm in final year of my school .. Actually i didn't do very well in the previos year .. I really need to work so hard this year to get the marks i need to get to faclty of engineering as i always wish .. So can u help me how to study this year .. And if u want to know .. I really cant stay on book for an complited hour and this is sooo bad for my case i thinK .. Please help me .. ThanK u for reading :)

Hi Gehad;

I get letters like yours all of the time and it isn't really very hard to learn how to do.

1. keep good notes--answer the questions who, what, when, where and why; when you are writing your notes. This will answer any question on any test.

2. every teacher will give you hints. subjects that they keep repeating is important and will show up on tests. The more they talk about it, the more important it is.

3. Use chapter and unit tests to watch which questions are repeated. The will be on semester and end of the year tests.

4. when studying always use a tape recorder to put your notes on, this way you can replay them when you are walking, cleaning, shopping etc. It is like listening to a commercial, you don't always listen to it completely but you hear it often enough that eventually you now the whole commercial by heart and don't know how you did it. The brain learns even when you don't concentrate.....get the idea?

5. Test yourself by rephrasing questions. Sometimes people miss the answers because a question won't be phrased the same on every test and they get confused. Learn to watch for those.

Your recorder will become your best friend. Have tapes for every class; label and date them so it will be easier to find information. Don't get rid of these from year to year, it will come in handy!

This will get you started and will improve your studying and comprehension, you will spend less time studying and more time remembering......Good luck!
Jan Hayner

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