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QUESTION: this is a frequently asked questions to others but they answer that you can't understand so i am going to ask the same question that i face every day
every day i get lot of homework and also the teachers teach everyday. i come home at 4:30 pm(afternoon) and i start writing and reading at 5:00 pm and end it at 9:30 to have dinner and then sleep   
for this reason i concentrate at one thing and hence i do either study or homework
so i want solution on my problem

ANSWER: Hi Astina;
I will try to answer your question for you. According to what you wrote, I am wondering if all of what you are doing is reading assignments or if you are reading and studying your notes from the day.
it seems as though you are spending way too much time studying and your brain will have trouble holding on to the information. You see our brains need time to rest and absorb the information that we have given it.
Then I also have a problem with you eating so late at night. It is not good for your digestive tract to go to sleep on a full stomach and this can cause problems medically.
Explain what kinds of notes you take, how much a 'reading assignment is' by that I mean how many pages. How often do you get tests? How many hours a day do you go to school and what subjects do you take?
Send that information to me and I will be glad to try to help you.
Jan Hayner

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yeah.... i go to school at 8:30 am and then come back at 4:30 PM nearly it is about 7 hrs , Indian schools are like that ! then i sit to do my homework at 5:00 PM and end it at 9:30 PM and then go for dinner . i hardly study on weekends ! actually about the eating , we Indians eat every time late , so i cannot change this habit.

Hi again Atinia:
Okay, we won't worry about the dinner time frame, but make sure that you don't 'overeat'.

Now, first of all, you have to make sure that you keep good notes from what your teacher tells you. Simply answer the questions Who, What, When, Where and Why in your notes. That will answer everything about the subject.

Invest in a tape recorder and record all of you notes into the recorder according to SUBJECT. that way you can use the tape that you need for your subject when you study. You can play this tape for yourself when you are walking, doing dishes, cleaning or eating. Your brain will hold this information whether you are concentrating on it or not. The brain learns faster by hearing information over and over. You will find that you will spend less time actually sitting down to study.
Next, go to my website at and check all of the other tips that I give you that will help you a lot. Make sure that you give yourself 10 minute breaks every hour because your brain needs a break to so it can grab hold and store the information that you have already given it.

Overworking the brain doesn't always mean better grades. You have to give it a rest too!

I know this will help you. Kids from all over the world have used these tips and told me that they are spending less time actually sitting down to study and are getting better grades.

Good luck and best wishes on your new way of learning!
Jan Hayner

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