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i am in class 10 and i have my boards from 2nd march but i am not fully prepared .i had social and languages.i am very bad in making timetables and as a result i end up wasting my time.please can u suggest me a good way of making timetable which enables me to study each subject once a day .i can remember something only when i revise it  2 days.

Hi swathi;
I would suggest that rather than to use the computer only, you write your notes for each class using the answers to Who, what, when and where and possibly why. this will answer all of the questions on the test. Go through back tests and see which questions have been repeated in those tests; you know these will be included on the test.
Then simply put this information on a tape that you can replay when you want to. You can listen to this while walking from class to class, while washing dishes, going for a walk or at any time. Your brain learns faster when information is repeated so you don't have to concentrate on what it is saying, just have it repeat in your brain.
Then as you have more information or find out that you have learned something you can delete it from your tape or add to it and revise it.
I then go through and write [on the computer] the information that I learn and then read it to see how much of it my brain has retained and what I have to go through again to learn.
This works great, is fast and really easy.
I hope this helps you, it works great for kids all around the world.
Good Luck on your tests!
Jan Hayner

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