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i cant concentrate in studies i m very lazy i sit in computer just do my regular thing -internet surfing- i cant finish up any HomeWork and Fail in Exam For this Reason i have tried my best in studying but nothing gets inside my brain

It sounds as if you are unsure of yourself and don't understand what you are trying to learn. You may also have a problem with concentrating on the subject because you aren't interested in it. Is this close to the way you feel?

If it is, you are trying to ignore it with the hopes that it will go away---not a chance of that happening--as you already know, it will be there and will only get worse.

Lazy isn't always the answer, but 'disinterested' can be. Many times we don't see the sense for learning something, so we shut the brain off instead of just tackling it and getting rid of it. You have to get a grade in order to graduate and get out of school, you won't get a grade if you don't do the work. Thats just the way it is and we have all gone through it.

It sounds as though this has been going on for sometime so you have a lot of catching up to do. Try writing your notes on the computer--so you get them straight in your head. Then speak them into a recorder and play them back to yourself--use head phones. This way you can play it over and over. You will hear it so often that you will learn it without realizing it. You have to do 2 hours of homework in order to reward yourself 1/2 hour of playing on the computer. The time on the computer you can use at the end of the night or save it to give yourself time off from studying on Saturday and Sunday. Why do it this way? Because you have a lot of catching up to do and you have to earn the right to play..just like everyone else. Mom and Dad have to work and earn a living in order to have a day off...get used to it, we all have jobs in this world and right at this point and time, yours is learning so you get a good paying job. Eventually you will want to move out on your own and you can't afford to do that without a job and you can't get one without an education.....see it all comes back to learning.

I know it sounds hard, but once you get a system, it won't be hard at all. Try the tips I gave you and you will be surprised at how easy it can be to learn. Ask other kids what they do and use some of their tips, go to teachers when you don't understand something, they thrive on answering a students questions. There is a lot of help out there that you haven't touched yet. Talk to an older student that has already had the classes that you have to take and you would be surprised at how having them explain things makes it so much easier to learn. Besides that, they talk in the language you understand because they know what you mean...get the idea?

Good luck, I hope this helps you,
Jan Hayner

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