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Hi Jan!

Next year, I will be a senior in high school. I am taking five classes: AP Literature/Composition, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus BC, and AP Government/Economics. While this is a decently hard class load, I'd normally be okay with this schedule (I have free 1st and 7th class periods). However, I'll be working on moving up in gymnastics to get a walk-on to a college team, which means that I'll be at the gym between 20 and 30 hours a week.

If my school hours are roughly 9:00-2:30, and my gym hours are 3:45-8:45 possibly as often as Monday through Saturday, how do you recommend I go about my schedule?

I've always had little time, so I'm not extremely worried. However, it is too late for me back out of any of these classes, and I feel that I prepared myself well for them (taking Calc AB, Physics Honors, and Biotech before all of these AP classes).

How could I manage my time, and how could I fit in studying? What kind of work load could I expect? I'd obviously like to maintain decent grades.

Thank you!

Hi Lauren;

You are really a good student to be able to take a course like this! Great job! I also commend you on planning ahead and knowing that you will need good organization to stay on top of everything. Half of the work is being organized and keeping 'on top' of everything.

I always recommend that you get a tape recorder and several tapes for every class. Even though you can use your computer for a lot of things, it pays to tape your notes and then replay them as you are eating, walking to school or from class to class etc. The more you hear the information the easier your ban will remember it Something like hearing a TV commercial and you aren't really trying to memorize it, it just comes automatically. Get the idea?

When you do your homework or type your notes from your class, simply add them to your tape. Keep all of your tests and correct anything that you had wrong. You will find that certain questions will be repeated from test to test. These are the questions that will be on quarter, semester and final tests. You have one tape that is ONLY for test questions-as you find the questions, add them to your tape and you will have a ready made -cheat sheet- when you are finished.

Your time for homework is very limited, so you have to do things during the day and stay on top of things in order to keep up. Use your first free period to go over notes, add anything extra to any papers etc. This will refresh your mind and get you ready for the day. I makes you have total control.
If you have time at the end of your class, use your time wisely and work on the assignment. Organizing your answers and the important facts. If your teacher gives you information listen for the parts where they say; 'this is important', something to remember'--these will be on a test. Always write them in your notes and underline them so you make a point of adding this information to your tape.

After school, this time to give your brain a break. It gets tired too! Then go to practice and get rid of your energy and concentrate on what you need to do. When you are through, take an hour break so that your brain is ready to go to work again.

Now take the 'hardest' subject first. The reason for this is that your brain is refreshed and ready to receive more information. It will be at its peak and the answers will come faster. You have listened to your tape and refreshed the information you have. Now do your work and add the information to your tape so you can listen to it again and again.

Remember that you need sleep too. The brain only retains half of the information you give it when it is tired.

Use your weekend time to go over your tapes, rearrange and add and subtract information from your tapes, do essays etc. On Sunday evenings, go through each tape to refresh all of your information and complete any homework that you may need to.

The way you go about this is up to you, everyone needs to set their schedule according to what works for their lifestyle. This is just a basic guide to tell you how to go about it.

Practice during the summer with your notes from last year so that by the beginning of the school year you will be a 'pro' at it. Besides that; it helps you keep on track and refresh your information. Keeping you one step ahead of everyone else.

Good luck Lauren--pat yourself on the back for a job---well done!
Jan Hayner

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