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QUESTION: Would you be able to work with me in order to help me create a  study schedule that will help improve my grades in school?

ANSWER: Sure-will try to help in any way I can.

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QUESTION: Would it be best to discuss this via email? If so, my email is

ANSWER: Hi!  For some reason (possibly a security policy), your email didn't show up on the Question.  We can go through AllExpers for now, and you can check Private, if you wish.  Be glad to help in any way I can.

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QUESTION: That's fine. I would like to create a schedule in order to keep my senior year in order. I'm stressed because I have a lot of advanced classes next year and it is also the year I need to apply to college. I don't know where to begin with creating one and becoming organized.

For a few ideas, make out a schedule of your day each morning (or the night before).  Put down times you will be at school, time set aside for study and homework, free time, meals, etc.  Also make a list of goals to be accomplished each day-some of these are discretionery time (can be done during any time that is available), while some are done at set times.  Make a list of what you need to accomplish during the study/homework times, which will depend on what the teacher assigns, and also what you think needs to be done to stay caught up on studying (so you don't have to study at the last minute for an exam).  Remember to space your studying, and avoid cramming for a test.  You may want some long-term goals for the semester.  A Palm, phone software, or old-fashoned paper (like a Day Timer or other schedule notebook) will work for your planning.  I use an out-of-date Palm Tungsten C with 64 megabytes memory for my planning-you can get it on Ebay for $50 or less, although it originally ran for $500.  I bought one for a backup last week for $27 with postage included free-it looked new.  Hope this helps you get started-write anytime.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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