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QUESTION: Would you be able to work with me in order to help me create an effective schedule that will allow me to study more so I can improve my grades in school?

ANSWER: Hi Sarah;

Give me some more information Sarah and I will see what I can do. Answer these questions for me:

1, What is your daily schedule. Time you get up, times you have school, times you work, what time do you set aside for homework, are you involved in other things, when do you get together with friends

2, are you good at following schedules, are your notes organized, do you use some of your previous tests to help you study, do you have ADD or ADHD?

3. What types of classes do you have, what grade are you in, do you have a problem asking teachers for help?

Some of these things will help me to know how your lifestyle is. It will make it easier for e to know how you live your daily life.
Jan Hayner

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QUESTION: 1. I wake up everyday at about 6:30A.M. I leave the house about 7:30 and arrive at school shortly after. My classes start at 8:30. I currently do not have a job, but am looking. I don't have anytime specifically set aside for homework, I just do it when I feel like it. I have a procrastination problem and tend to do things last minute. I think that may be the reason I wake up so tired. I'm involved in two clubs exclusively, FCCLA and Drama Club. I am an officer for FCCLA and have to plan and organize stuff regarding that club. Meetings tend to be twice a month, but my duties are generally more than that. Drama club is by production, but when in a production I am typically at the school after school to 5:30P.M., but before a production I am there as late as 9:00P.M. I am also involved casually in SHS and ITS. We meet once a month, but do other activities occasionally throughout the year. As well, as a part of being involved in SHS and ITS, I have to do service hours within the community. I tend to get together with my friends on the weekends, as I can't seem to find time for them during the week.

2. I am good at following a schedule, just have problems making one. My notes are some what organized, but my note-taking skills can be improved. I tend to use study guides that teachers have given me, but I've never used previous tests to help me study. I tend to only work on what's given, but I find that maybe I need to set aside some time where I just spend reviewing for no purpose other than to refresh the material. I also find myself having difficulty spacing out project work. I do not have any knowledge of having ADD or ADHD, but my brother was diagnosed with it when he was little. I haven't been tested, so I don't know.

3. I am going into my senior year, and need to get myself prepared and organized for this upcoming school year. I take a lot of advanced placement classes. One main concern is that I won't make application deadlines for college, or my grades will slip because of my current involvement and being caught up in college applications. I do find it hard to ask teachers questions in and outside of class.

ANSWER: Hi again!
Thanks for answering so fast. This gives me some good ideas, just give me an hour or two to put something together for you.

You do have a well packed schedule. Do you have specific times that you do community work or do you just fit it into your schedule when something comes up?
Do you have a tape recorder?

I know this is a lot of questions, but you will see that you will be so well organized that it will scare you :) This is what I use for some of the students in college and universities and they have said how great it works for them. Since you have advanced classes I thought I might as well give you the same type of program.

I may send it to you in sections so that you aren't trying to do too much at once. Baby steps is always a smart way to organize!

Talk to you later,

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QUESTION: Thank you for getting back with me on this. Since I do not have a schedule in place, I do my community work whenever I can. I don't have a tape recorder technically, but I can record using my iPhone. If you find it easier to contact me, you can email me at  

Hi again;
Now, for the clubs that you belong to:
Have you gone on the Internet and looked at the websites? They do have some great ideas on there that may help you to be able to plan ahead or to offer ideas. This is on both the FCCLA and the ITS sites.

Try to plan one meeting and then begin the following months meeting so if you have a time problem because of tests or just wanting more free time, you can take it without feeling guilty.

I am sure that you already have planning guides for these. If not use a binder or notebook for each one. These can come in handy for other things later. It is also something to show a prospective employer as to your organizing techniques.....

Try to set a kitchen timer so that you give your brain a rest. Set it for 30 minutes to start with. Study then when the timer goes off, take a 10 minute break. Get something to eat, go to the bathroom, get up and walk around etc. This will give your brain time to process what you have put in it and by the time you sit down again, you will have more ideas that will come automatically to mind.

Studying happens Monday thru Friday---yes, even some on Friday night! On Sunday night read your notes t refresh you mind for Monday morning--but all of your homework should have been completed. The weekend is for friends and family and always gives you something to look forward to.

School is considered your JOB. It is your primary focus. Just like after you graduate your employment will become your major JOB.

What other areas do you want me to go into?
Jan Hayner

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