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I have a problem with managing my time well when I face the computer or basically any form of technology. I usually go online with the notion of finishing my assignments but 10 minutes later I find myself browsing some social website. My teacher has said rather unhelpfully that it's normal for teenagers to be hooked on the web. But I feel that it is starting to negatively affect my lifestyle and my grades, what should I do to overcome such problems?

Hi Isabel;
In a way your teacher is right, what you are going through is normal and not just for kids--I am guilty of it too!
It is usually when I don't want to get to work and I would rather 'play' than face reality.
There is a way of getting yourself over this. You have to 'ear' the right to play.
Such as: I have to get all of the 'have to's' done and then I can play without feeling guilty and for as long as I want to. If I once start to play, it seems like I never get around to the have to's or I do it sloppy. So, you see, you are not the only one with this problem.
Just set a time limit on how long it should take you to get your work finished and then you have earned the right to play.
I set my kitchen timer so that I have to get my work finished by this time in order to 'earn' the right to play. It never fails me---I always make my time limit....if I don't, I have messed up and I don't get to play. It takes a little getting used to but hold yourself accountableand it will work for you too.
Good luck
Jan Hayner

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