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What is the point in studing? this is not supposed to be a rant, i am asking what is the goal i am tryong to acheive while studying

Hi, thanks for writing.  When you study, you will want to set a goal of deciding what is important in the text you are studying: 1. what is important in the material, 2. what of the material applies to your or anyone's life, 3. what will likely be asked in any future test.  Then, read and possibly reread the material, and make an outline of the important points in the material.  If you can, underline important points, and, especially the important points you may have some problem remembering, and reread those points.  Study well in advance of a test, and reread your underlined material or outline the day before the test day.  Hope this helps, and write anytime.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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