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hi,how does one manage time effectively thanks

Hi, Kelly, thanks for writing.  An entire set of books could be written to answer that question!  Let me give a few important suggestions: 1. Spend a few days each year setting goals (in every area of personal or professional life) for that year, long term goals (over a year), and short term goals (from a few minutes up to days in length).  Prioritize these as A-vital, B-of importance, C-some value, D-waste of time.  2. Every day, write (or put in an electronic device) your goals for that day, as well as a schedule (those things done at a certain time).  Prioritize them as mentioned in #1: A, B, C, D, and put an asterisk (*) beside those that need to be done today or as soon as possible.  Do A* first, then A, then *B, then B, etc. if possible each day.  3. Occasionally keep a record of what you have done, and prioritize those items to see how well you have performed.  4. Keep a list of ideas, on how to save time, that come to you.  Write anytime.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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