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Hey Kenneth!
So I'm in grade 6 currently but I need a bit of help with homework management because well... Yeah I can't be stuffed or have stuff to do and I get up at five on the morning it's due and do it all then! Can you give me some tips!

Hi, Lara, thanks for writing.  Here are a few suggestions: 1. if you can, do your homework as soon as possible-if it is something unpleasant, it helps to get it done as soon as possible. 2. give yourself a reward (something you enjoy doing, a favorite snack, etc.) when the homework is finished. 3. make a schedule of each day's activities, including time for homework, liesure activities, school, etc.  Feel the accomplishment of checking something off as accomplished. 4. when you are overwhelmed, decide what is most important (A), important but can be delayed (B), some importance (C), and can be discarded (D).  Do the A's first, then as many B's as is possible, then the C's if any time is available.  Write anytime!

Managing Your Time Effectively

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