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Can you give me some tips about timemanagement?

Hi, Amy, thanks for writing.  To make the most of our time (all of us have the same amount each day!), 1. make a list of long-term and lifetime goals. 2. make a list of what you want to do on a short term-this month. 3. make a daily schedule, using both the long and short term goals, as well as what you need to do each day. 4. prioritize each goals by importance, not urgency--A-vital, B-important, C-some value, D-to discard. If it is urgent as well as important, put a star beside the goal. 5. try to do the A's everyday, preferably first, and as many B's as possible.  Try to do in this order: urgent A's, A's, urgent B's, B's, and whatever C's you have time for. 6. reward yourself for the A's done, particularly if it is something unpleasant. 7. try to do goals in all areas of life, not just a certain area.  Remember leisure, family/marriage/children, financial/career, hobbies, physical/health, mental health, educational/any talents you have to keep/develop, social, and any other area of your life. Don't neglect any area, including the right amount of rest/sleep.  See other entries in AllExperts time management for other suggestions.  Write anytime!

Managing Your Time Effectively

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